Increase of the Legal Termination Indemnity

Labour Law

The new labor law change things slowly but steadily. One these changes is the increase of the termination indemnity. Previously In the previous labor law, the termination indemnity was calculated for terminated employees of at least 1 year of seniority. The indemnity was worth 1/5 of the average monthly salary. For employees with at least … Read more

Employee registration – REMINDER

employee registration

As you know, I have recently been sworn in as an assessor to the TASS (social security tribunal). During the last session, I had to judge a very troubling case. The case An employee quite a company on a Friday without notice. During the weekend the employer seek a new employee for an urgent job … Read more

The Absences

During his life in his company, the employee can be absent from work. The French law strictly regulate these absences. You will find in this post a short list of some possible absences and their regulations. Paid vacation Each employee is allowed 25 opened day of vacation per years for a full year of work. … Read more

Bank Holidays in the French Payroll

bank holidays

In France there are 11 bank holidays The 1st of January (New year) The Easter Monday (the 28th of March in 2016) The 1st of May (Labor lay) The 8th of May (2nd world war victory) The Ascension (the 5th of May in 2016) The With Monday (the 16th of May in 2016) The 14th … Read more

You can monitor your employees’ internet communication

monitor the computers

A Romanian employee has been dismissed because he used his professional messenger service to communicate with his family. On the 12th of January, the ECHR (European Court of Human Right) validated the monitoring of the employee’s use of his professional messenger service. This judgment validated the dismissal of the employee. The ECHR estimated that the … Read more