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French Payroll Expert provide a large range of services related to the payroll.
You will find hereafter our standard statement of work.


ServiceCommentAll for one
The company
Company registration to the social bodiesIncluded
Vacation management interfaceIncluded
Fund in trust managementCompliance check mandatoryIncluded
Compliance checkNeeded every yearIncluded
The employees
Employee setupIncluded
Employee registration to the social bodiesIncluded
Management of the occupational medicineIncluded
The payroll
Computation of the payrollIncluded
PDF file of the pay slip sent to the companyIncluded
Basic PDF report fileIncluded
SEPA payment fileNot valid with fund in trust managementIncluded
Specific reportPDF or Excel reportIncluded
Sick leave
Salary attestationIncluded
Work related accident declarationIncluded
Social declaration
Monthly or quarterly declarationsIncluded
Yearly declarationsIncluded
Cancelation of penaltiesIf the penalty Is not due to French Payroll ExpertNot included
Termination of an employee
Unemployment attestationIncluded
Work certificateIncluded
Receipt of last paymentIncluded
Deregistration of the employee to the social bodiesIncluded
Life and health insurance prolongationIncluded
Company termination
Deregistration of the company to the social bodiesIncluded
E pay slipNot valid with printed pay slipsIncluded
Printed pay slip sent to the employeesNot valid with e pay slipsIncluded
Payroll advisesIncluded
Any other serviceIncluded

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