The Absences

During his life in his company, the employee can be absent from work. The French law strictly regulate these absences. You will find in this post a short list of some possible absences and their regulations. Paid vacation Each employee is allowed 25 opened day of vacation per years for a full year of work. … Read more

2016 Bank Holidays

bank holidays

Here is the official list of the bank holidays for the year 2016 in France. Bank Holidays for 2016 The 1st of May is the only statutory bank holiday. Work on this day is only allowed in some companies where the activity cannot be stopped (hospitals, public transportation, …) Other bank holiday can exist in … Read more

Employees can renounce to their days for splitting vacation.

On the 6th of October, a court judgment confirmed that an employee can renounce to the additional vacation days he acquired by splitting the use of his vacation. Additional vacation days are acquired when an employee takes more than 3 days of vacation outside of the vacation period from 1st of May to 31st of … Read more