Thomas BIDOU has been sworn in as a new assessor at the social security tribunal

In late January our CEO Thomas BIDOU was sworn in as a new assessor at the social security tribunal.

What is the social security tribunal?

When an employer or an employee has a problem with the social security the first step is to seek an amicable recourse.

If the recourse is not satisfactory for the employer (or the employee) the next step is to go to court. This court is the social Security tribunal called TASS (Tribunal des Affaires de la Sécurité Sociale).

What does an assessor do?

The court of the social security tribunal is composed of one professional judge, one assessor from an employee union and one assessor from an employer union.

The decisions of the tribunal are taken by the majority of the three (judge + assessor).

An assessor therefore renders justice in the name of the French people. The decisions of the assessor are based on the law (social security code).


La CNDI (employers union) :

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