Yesterday, I was sworn in as an assessor on the new “Pôle social”.

As a member of the CNDI (independent employers’ federation), I was designated to stand on the “pôle social”.

The “pôle social” is the merge of the TCI and the TASS. Both were social security courts.

The new court will have the same range of responsibility. We will judge claims on social security matters (URSSAF audits, C3S, retirement, family allowance…) and the invalidity and disability claims.

Except for the location of the court (in the brand new TGI building), this merge will have 2 major changes:

  1. The claim will now be managed by a local court. The Paris Tribunal will only manage the Paris claims and the other court of the Ile-de-France region will be managed by the various local tribunals.
  2. For invalidity and disability claims, the applicant used to have a medical check-up by an expert doctor during the session. Since there is no medical office on the site, the check-up cannot be done in the tribunal.


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