November’s SME Breakfast at the Chamber

Yesterday I what representing French Payroll Expert at the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FBCCI) for the #SMEBREAKFAST.

Olivia Portaud was the speaker. Olivia is an image management coach.

She spoke of the proper way to manage your image. It was very impressive.

I learned a lot. Including that there is no bad image, just the wrong message being sent.

Of course I also had the opportunity to meet some of my chamber’s friends Florent Baudin from BBZ Conseil, Derek Ferguson from Roaming Schoolhouse, Georgine Glaenzer, Keith Jackson from JASL – Jackson Services Linguistique and Stéphane Lorey from AMBRELIA.

And I was pleased to meet new people, Nadira Artyk, Nigel Bath from STREGO, @Kate Cranfield, Jeremy Durack from Sotheby’s, Veronique Lecompte, Mark Miller-Eloit from Lagardère Sports, Siméon MONTROSE, Gaëtan Riche from Savoir Beds Ltd, Patrice Tiolet – International VP, Performance Excellence from Réseau Oudinot, Anne-Hélène Scouarnec-Hurault from Authentic HR and 3 members of the École de Guerre.

Thanks you very much Catherine Le Yaouanc for setting this up.