New social security ceiling for 2016


The new social security ceiling for 2016 has been published. It increases of 1,514 % to 3 218€ per month.

Reminder: It was of 3 170 € in 2015.

In 2016 we have the following values:

Time preriodCeiling value
Year38 616 €
Quarter9 654 €
Month3 218 €
Fortnight1 609 €
Week743 €
Day177 €
Hour24 €

The new monthly social security ceiling is of 3 218 €

In 2015 it was:

Time preriodCeiling value
Year38 040 €
Quarter9 510 €
Month3 170 €
Fortnight1 585 €
Week732 €
Day174 €
Hour24 €

This ceiling is used to calculate the social contributions. Usually the health insurance contribution is a fix percentage of the ceiling.

It is also used as a reference for some of the social security benefits. It is the case for the retirement benefit and the disability pension.

RF Paye:

Find out more on the social security ceiling in our database accessible on our site for registered members.

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