Lunch & Learns with NetWorkIrlande

Yesterday I learned how to increase my visibility on LinkedIn thanks to NetworkIrlande France and Conor Murphy from LinkedIn.

The key element I learned is to not just say “I was there”, “I did that”.

But also to bring something to my network.

This is why my post started with “Yesterday I learned…” and not “Yesterday I represented…”.

Of course including the name of my company in the post has become more complicated (French Payroll Expert by the way).

The other element I learned is “3/1/1”.

For 5 posts 1 must be about your job or your company. One must be about yourself, and 3 must bring something to your network.

Basically, you must be selfish 1/5th of your post, honest 1/5th of your post and useful 3/5th of your post. I will give it a try.

This event was the first of NetworkIrlande France‘s hashtag#lunchandlearns. I really enjoyed it and hope to attend more.

Were present Celine Durand, Cormac Ryan, Laurence Martel-Bibow, Nick Hicks, Stephen O’SULLIVAN, Ciarán Mac Guill and many others.


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