Irish Innovation, A French Point of View

Yesterday I was at the #Irish embassy for the “Irish Innovation, A French Point of View” event.

Speakers were Cedric Gonin from Mobile Services OrangeAlain DUVAL from Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale and @Mokhtar El Kouche from URGO GroupCécile Delépine 🥝 Innovation and Lean Change was the moderator.

I was very interested to hear how each of the speaker view their relationship with Irish companies.

If I had to remember only 2 elements of their relationship, it would be #trust and #efficiency. Is this the #IrishAdvantage?

I had the opportunity to learn about VigiTrust. A company that could prove very useful for my training needs.

It was also a good opportunity to meet my friends Desmond McGetrick from DMCG CONSULTINGJean-Charles Moczarski and Sinead Lonergan from Enterprise Ireland and Harrie Barron from Softools.