Creation of an experts netwrok.

I had an excellent morning at MAGELLAN Expert conseil today.

The meeting was about creating a network of professionals with complementary skills.

Where present:

  1. myself (obviously) from French Payroll Expert for payroll services
  2. Claire Bonniol from CXB HUB – customer experience specialists for the customer experience
  3. Alexandra DURRIEU from Adecco for recruitment
  4. Cristelle Marie from AFC Représentation Fiscale for tax representation
  5. Emmanuelle Verbaere from Aloé financement for project financing
  6. Anne-Hélène Scouarnec-Hurault from Authentic RH – Osez l’authenticité for HR outsourcing
  7. Romain Devoux from Over the Word for translation
  8. Emanuel Sampy from SNPRM – Les experts de la relocalisation professionnelle for international mobility
  9. Etienne Pujol from STC Partners. for legal and tax services
  10. Catherine Le Nagard from the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FBCCI)
  11. Nicolas Charlet, Ornella DINGANI KIALA from MAGELLAN Expert conseil for accounting and “housing” services.

I may be a little bite partial in my thinking, but I believe we make a very good group of complementary experts.

Each in our field we provide services that every company needs when she moves to the French market.

I hope to come back to you on this subject before the end of 2018.


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