« Brexit – Challenges and Opportunities for Ireland”.

Yesterday I attended « Brexit – Challenges and Opportunities for Ireland”.

The event took place at the Irish embassy.

Ambassador Patricia O’Brien made a worming opening speech.

David Barniville SC and Tony Connelly were the guest speaker.

I learned more in a few minutes on the Irish judiciary system than I did in the last 5 years thanks to Mr. Barniville.

Mr. Connelly allowed me to understand that I didn’t really understand the complexity and the danger of the #brexit for #Ireland.

Most of all the evening allowed me to understand a little bite better Irish people. M. Connelly kept talking about the #peaceprocess. At the moment I did not really notice it. Then I kept wondering why a #process and not just #peace.

I understood a major difference between the #French and the #Irish.

I take peace for granted, you don’t.

That gives me a new perspective on my friends and increase my respect for you, your achievement and your desire for a #brexit that won’t jeopardize the peace process.

I hope we can have many more such evening in the future where I have the opportunity to meet impressive people and learn to understand them a lite bite better.

Thank you to NetworkIrlande France and Arbitration Ireland for inviting me.