Brexit at the Chamber

This morning I learned a lot about #brexit at the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry‘s #SMEBreakfast.

Michel de Fabiani was our speaker. As the vice-president of the Chamber, he is well aware of what is going on.

The first thing I learned is the negotiations are planned up to the 26th of May. Therefore nothing will be certain until then.

Then I learned that it was better for everyone to gather as much as possible until then. This means that if you must renew your visa, license, permit or any other legal authorization, it is preferable before the agreement come into play. Even if this means doing an early renewal.

Finally, I learned that Boris Johnson was a pragmatic. I was surprised as this is not how he appears in the French media.

Were present Olivia Bédier, Tristram Congreve, Joanna Farah, Derek Ferguson (love the new beard by the way), Nathalie Kennedy, Steven Khoury and Philippe Talon.

Thank you to CATHERINE LE YAOUANC and the Chamber for setting up this event.


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