Birth premium! Don’t forget to request it.

When an employee gives birth, she is untitled to some benefits. One of these benefits is a birth premium.

The Public Birth Premium

The “Caisse d’Allocation Familliale” (family allowance body) is a public body who provides allowances to the families. It is funded by one of the employer contributions paid to the URSSAF.

One of the allowances provided by the CAF is the birth premium.

This premium is not accessible to everyone. The mother must be:

  • EU citizen, or a foreign citizen with a valid resident permit, living in France
  • The pregnancy must have been declared to the CAF with the 14th first weeks
  • The declare income of your household must not exceed a specific ceiling (here)

The amount of the premium is of 923.08€ per child to be born.

The collective bargaining agreement birth premium

Some collective bargaining agreement can state that the employer is to pay a birth premium to the mother or the father of the child.

This premium is rare. However, we recommend you check your collective bargaining agreement. The conditions and amount are specified in the agreement.

The health insurance birth premium

As of January 2016, every employer must provide a health insurance contract to its employees.

The legal minimum health insurance doesn’t include a birth premium. But what about your contract?

Did you really read the benefits of your insurance contact when you signed it? Or did you just look at the contribution rate, the drugs and doctor’s reimbursement rate? (As I did!!)

A lot of health insurance contracts include this type of premium. We recommend that you contact your insurance company or your broker.



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