Big Business Lunch

Yesterday I represented French Payroll Expert and Your Experts In France at the monthly #businesslunch.

This was our 2nd biggest lunch with 42 attendees. I am afraid I cannot name them all in this post.

The guest speaker was Bob Lewis from the British Council.

He talked about the council, its past, its present and its future. I didn’t know the council had such a history and so many current activities.

I had the opportunity to meet new acquaintance such as Charlene Lim, Willima R. Jacquin, Yuting Huo, Jack Carrier and reconnect with others such as Cameron Sutherland, Gadi Oron, Nathalie Kennedy, Thibault Vanham ◆ Bessé Ressources.

Thank you Jonathan C. Cooper and Edwina for setting this up.

And, of course, to the sponsors the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the British Council, ABAF, the IOD the Department of International Trade and the The Spectrum IFA Group.


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