Back to Business … Lunch

Back to Business … Lunch at L’Entente (
Yesterday, we had our first business lunch in months.
Oliver Woodhead was our speaker.
I was a great event where I learned that the #unionjack had an up/down side.
I never looked closely at it, and I thought it was symmetrical.
It is not. Next time I raise it, I will know to have the white strip, near the post, facing upward.
Thank you Jonathan Bradshaw for teaching me.

I also had the opportunity to have a fascinating talk with James Atack and Keith Wootton.
I also meet Virginie Lejosne Bourdier.
And I reunited with my friends Anne-Cécile DavronDavid DavronRobert James Oliver and Thibault Vanham ◆ Bessé.

My very sincere thanks to Jonathan C. Cooper for setting this up and to the lunch’s partners Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Department for International Trade, British Council, ABAF, IOD and The Spectrum IFA Group.

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