Ambassador, Agreement, and New ways for #networking.

Yesterday I spent the evening at the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry‘s “Rentrée reception.
It was a unique event.
Not only was Lord LLEWELLYN, British ambassador to France, present and did the Department for International Trade (DIT) and the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce & Industry signed a joint programme to help #FrancoBritish#businesses.
But also, due to #COVID19 the reception was a seated one.
Here is how it proceeded:

Before entering the salon, we had to have our temperature checked. Thank you, Claire Bonniol and CXB HUB, for the iPad like thermometer.
Then we could collect our drink (for those who drank alcohol) or go fetch one at the bar.
finaly we found ourselves a seat and spend the evening with our table partners.
Of course, all of this (except for the drinking) while wearing a mask.
This was a first for me.
However, I should not have been surprised. It would have been expected of anyone to try new solutions to continue networking despite the crisis.
And as my British friends and not the last one for #innovation, I should have seen it coming.

What about you. Did you test any new way for networking lately?


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